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KE-3024/ 3028 are the very ideal choice for high volume outdoor signage applications. The latest Konica printhead has a unbeatable speed than ever,  while reproduces photoreal quality with astounding detail and color. KM-512i printhead enable consistent quality across a wide variety of media including vinyl, flex, banner fabric, synthetics, PET, paper, film, canvas etc. All this translates into stunning, vibrant large-format images. Enables clients to experience the full impact of next-generation large-format color printer performance.

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Unsurpassed Print Speed

Thanks to the latest Konica print technology, print speed of KM-1024i reaches a new level, maximum speed can be 420 square meters per hour with 8 heads. High print speed always matters a lot, it can suit your growing business from start up to high production requirement.

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Latest Industrial-grade Konica Printhead

The Konica Minolta KM-1024i-30PL print head is a very robust print head, with much wider nozzles, and latest technology, KM-1024i has much better performance than previous best sellings KM512, SPT510…

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Solvent Printhead Capping

The additional capping system effectively prevent the printhead from clogging when is the printer is idle.

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Integrated Tri-Heater System

The tri-heaters are integrated with one heat controller. It simplified the user operation.


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Separate Ink Purge System

It allows user to purge each color separately, or flush each printhead with cleaning liquid. Cleaning printhead becomes very easy.

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Advanced Media Handling

To suit the high print speed, we made the media handling super smooth and stable. Also, the media take up is strong enough to load heavy rolls around 120KG.


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Model No. KE-3028S (8 heads) KE-3024S (4 heads) KE-3028S (8 heads) KE-3024S (4 heads)
Printhead 8 x KM-1024i-30PL 4 x KM-1024i-30PL 8 x KM-512i-30PL 4 x KM-512i-30PL
Resolution(dpi) 720dpi max



Width 3.2 meter
Types Flex Banner, Vinyl, Mesh, Banner Cloth, Reflective Film…



2 Pass 300 sqm/h 150 sqm/h 240 sqm/h 120 sqm/h
3 Pass 200 sqm/h 100 sqm/h 160 sqm/h 80 sqm/h
4 Pass 150 sqm/h 65 sqm/h 120 sqm/h 50 sqm/h
Ink Color C M Y K
Ink Type Solvent Ink
Ink Capacity 5 Liter
Cleaning Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Feed & Take Up Automatic Media Feeding (Standard) & Take Up System (Optional)
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software Maintop (Standard) /  FlexiPrint  (Optional)
Interface USB3.0
Power Machine 50/60Hz, 110/220V, 2000W


Size & Weight

Machine L4840 W1120 H1490 (mm) / 650 KG
Packing L4800 W1050 H1500 (mm) / 800 KG

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