DTF Garment Printer DTF-800D & DTF-400D image DTF Garment Printer DTF-800D & DTF-400D image

The Magicube DTF-400D series printer, is one machine that built for DTF garment printing. Thus it considerred more about the golden size, the gurantee of high precision, the best combination of printing & powder treating. It’s specialist to support your DTF printing business. 

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Compact Integrated Design

Compact and elegant design,strong ,space saving, easy operation,provide high accuracy output.Not only one partner for your printing business, but also a decoration for the company.

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Golden Production Size

40cm working width and well matched PET film,and achieve golden production size for garments printing.

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Multifunction Machine For Mass Production

Apply to different fabrics including cotton, polyester,nylon, denim,etc. Make the mass production of DIY t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear,pants,canvas bags to be convenient.

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White Ink Stirring System

Reduce problems caused by white ink precipitation.

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High Quality Components

Branded accessories such Hiwin guide rail, Italian Megadyne belt are used for high attrition area, with the one time molding aluminum beam, greatly increased the precision, stability and lifetime of the machine.

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Lack of Ink Alarm

Low ink alarm is  equipped to protect the printer.

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Electric pinch roller control

One button to lift up and down the ultra-wide pinch roller.

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Integrated control centre

Convenient and high-efficiency.

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Anti-collision System

Printer will automatically stop when the printhead carriage hits any unexpected object during working, and the system memory function supports continuing printing from the interruption part, reducing the material waste. 

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Standard media take-up system

Well-designed media take-up system with motors on both side to assure a smooth and balanced material collecting. High precision printing is guaranteed.

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Branded circuit breaker

Branded circuit breaker to protect the safety of the whole electronic system.


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Model No.





2 × Epson  i1600 printhead

2/3 × Epson  i1600 printhead

2/3 × Epson  i3200 printhead


2400dpi max

Ink Color

C M Y K + White / C M Y K + Fluorescent Magenta & Yellow & Orange & Green + White


Size 30cm / 40cm 60cm/ 80cm
Types PET Film


Standard  9 sqm/h  12 sqm/h
Quality 5.5  sqm/h 7.5 sqm/h
Photo 3.5 sqm/h 5 sqm/h
Ink Type Pigment Ink

Ink Droplet

1.5-21pl variable


Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System

Feed & take up

Automatic Media Feeding ( Standard ) & Take up System ( Standard )


Temperature: 20-28℃, Humidity: 40%-60%

Rip Software

Maintop (standard)/ FlexiPrint (optional)


USB 3.0


 50/60HZ, 110 / 220V


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