Eco Solvent Printer SJ-3200S image Eco Solvent Printer SJ-3200S image

What kind of banner printers you have now? What about the speed? What about the resolution? For passed years, there is one challenge for banner printing. To choose the one that can get fast speed, then mostly the printhead is 15-50pl, that means  you have to loose the resolution. Choose the one that can get photo quality printing, while the production speed is mostly within 40 sqm/h. Now the world is changing. With this SJ-3200S with 4 pcs Epson i3200-E heads, you can do the production mode printing with the speed of 70sqm/h. The real combination of Speed and Resolution. 

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Precisioncore Technology

Machine is equipped with 4 Epson i3200-E printheadS, powered by advanced precisioncore technology, born for speed and resolution.

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Anti-collision Function

Anti-collision system is equipped to protect the printhead and carriage all the time.

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Integrated Temperature Control

Control the front, middle and rear heater in one place. Integrated heater controller have less fault than separate ones.

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Wide pinch roller

Keep smooth movement of the media, and gives proper pressure to ensure accurate media step.

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Italian Megadyne Belt

High quality, durable.Guarantee the smooth movement of carriage.

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German Igus Drag Chain

High grade two-layer German lgus drag chain. Effectively protect the ink tube and cables.

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Heating and Drying System

Front and middle and rear heating system, front IR heater, front drying fan are standard equipped to help dry the printed material fast. 

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Tension Take-up System With Inflatable Roller (Optional)

It gives material a continuous and balanced pulling strength to assure a perfect material collecting, it is specially good for thin and soft type material.

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Double Slider

Since the double heads printer has wider carriage, double slider is necessary to ensure stable movement of the carriage.

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Aluminum Moulding Frame

Increase machine accuracy and extend machine durability.


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Model No. SJ-3200S



Type 4 Epson i3200 Heads
Nozzles 3200 Nozzles per Head
Height 2-8mm above Media Adjustable
Printing Width Max 3.2 meter (126 inch)
Resolution(dpi) 2400 dpi
Color CMYK
Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink
Droplet 1.5 – 21pl Variable
Cartridge Bulk ink supply: 4x350ml ink cartridges+ 1 Liter per color big ink bottle


Draft 100 sqm/h
Production 70 sqm/h
Quality 35 sqm/h
Media Types  Vinyl, One Way Vision,Flex Banner , PP paper ,Photo paper, Mesh Canvas, etc
Feed & Take Up Automatic Media Feeding (Standard) & Take Up System (Optional)
Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Drying system Front, Middle and back heating system, Front IR heater are all standard equipped
Cooling System Cooling Fan Equipped
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software Maintop (Standard) /  FlexiPrint (Optional) 
Control Software SinoColor Print Console
Interface USB 3.0
Operation System Windows 7 / XP/10
Power AC 110/220V, 50/60HZ,1500W


Size & Weight

Machine L4680 W1190 H1680 (mm)  / 750KG
Packing L5020 W1010 H1875 (mm) / 950KG

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