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*Far Infrared Blackbody Tube Radiation Electro thermal Heating
*Intelligent PID Temperature Control
*Digital Tension Control
*Feeding and Taking up Are synchronous
*Vacuum Fan Delivery Is Controllable
*Quick Tail Gas Treatment
*Convenient to Maintain
*Easy to Set up and Operate·Easy to load the media in and out oven during your machine working
*Easy to open the caver to clean inside of oven
*Special clutch to control the feeding up system working or stop , it’s ·easy for you loading the roll materials.
*Easy to change the active carbon from the filter
*Adopting the most advanced thermal energy technology low power consumption, saves electricity and conserve energy costs
*High Productivity


gallery images
gallery images


Power 3.8KW
Working Width 1800MM
Blackbody Tube Working Model Far Infrared
Heat Tuble Dimension 2220MM
Working Temperture 100 to 250 °C
Tension 0 to 1.2Kg
Working Voltage
Take Up working Method
Take Up media diameter(roll to roll)
220~240V 50HZ
Directly out or Roll to Roll.
Machin package Dimension 2780X1330X870mm
Weight 320Kg
Certification CE Certificated
Package High intensity standard carton package Non Fumigation
Available Printer Mimaki, Roland , Mutoh and any Piazo Printer

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