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Max lamination width: 152/1630mm

Max lamination thickness: 23mm

Speed: 0-7m/min

Temperature: 0-60C

Roller uplift method: pneumatic

Roller heat method: infrared

Roller warm up time: 5-10 min

Power consumption: 0.6-0.8KW/H

Power input: 2000W

Power voltage: 110/220v

Net / Gross weight: 170/200KG



-90W Adjustable decelerating torque motor

-Reversible aluminium alloy front platform

-130mm imported heat resisting up/down roller

-Auto feed/take up system

-Crease-resist, deflection-resist feed system

-Pneumatic pressure regulating device

-Non touching infrared humidity moniting system

-Foot switch

-Built-in static-free device



High efficiency lamination

High finishing products rate

High lamination effect

Durable 50kg antiseize silica gel roller

50 meters whole roll lamination without any incline or winkle

Suitable for low heat lamination

40C Lamination can avoid air bubble and snowflakes

One-man /unmanned operation can produce upto 300 sqm per hour

Wide range of application

Indoor paper / outdoor banner, vinyl

Mounting frameless paintings etc.

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