Sublimation Heater

|Sublimation Heater

Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

Heat Transfer Machine 1700T

  • It is applicable for coating on cotton or polyester rolls
  • Infrared drying system
  • Heating calendar was used for flattening coated materials
  • After pre-coating, the fabric will be printable

Direct Sublimation Heater SR1800

  • Feeding and Taking up Are synchronous
  • Vacuum Fan Delivery Is Controllable
  • Quick Tail Gas Treatment
  • Convenient to Maintain
  • Easy to Set up and Operate·Easy to load the media in and out oven during your machine working
  • Easy to open the caver to clean inside of oven
  • Special clutch to control the feeding up system working or stop , it’s ·easy for you loading the roll materials
  • Easy to change the active carbon from the filter
  • Adopting the most advanced thermal energy technology low power consumption, saves electricity and conserve energy costs
  • High Productivity

Sublimation Heat Transfer MF1700

  • Both thermal transferring and low temperature transferring are available
  • Perfect result of transferring
  • It uses duplex oil tank to get more even temperature output
  • Precise mechanical structure
  • Adjustable air pressure control system improves transferring results of different kinds of materials
  • It feeds and collects rolls and clothing pieces in parallel by roll- to-roll system without drifting the materials to left or right
  • Blanket can be separated from oil tank easily
  • Customized machine to work with different power supplies

Single Side Flatbed Transfer FB1012

    This first hydraulic type of double plate transfer printing machine is the most suitable machine for transfer printing of cut pieces fabric. There are two commutable plates which not only reduce the occupying area of the machine, but also improve the working efficiency. The high quality blanket it used could buffer and keep heat during working. The hydraulic elevating system ensures that the pressure is always maintained stable and reduction of noise pollution; it also can ensure that the patterns of printed fabric are precise, vivid and even.