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Related Equipment

Vinyl Cutter (Contour Cut)

  • Type: Manual / Electronic
  • Protecting the print-head from blockages and thus extending its life
  • Stops clogging, clustering, or uneven concentration of pigment molecules in solvent
  • Prevents clogging, tearing, or instability of the ink when a pringting job is underway
  • Using the ultrasonic system, make the pigment molecules smaller, more refined, and thus creates more vivid images
  • Maintaining the temperature within the ink tank in the best possible temperature range

Auto Eyelet Punching Machine

    At present all the eye button on the edge of advertising pictures are all riveted by hand. This has many disadvantages: First one is eye button and cloth can not be connected tightly that is easily broken away from each other: Second, the flinging of the eye button has crevasses that will fray the rope; Third one is the pressing plate easily get rusted. With Rain water flows over the iron rusted plate, the picture will be dirtied. Besides, this handy punched eye button is worded in low speed and heavy labor, which cost both much labor and time, even quality is bad.

Automatic Hot Laminator

  • Laminating Width:≦1580mm
  • Laminating Speed:0-5m/min
  • Roller’s Diameter:128mm
  • Lifting Height for Roller:23mm
  • Lifting Mode for Rollers:Manual Lifting on One Side
  • Max.Heating Temperature:150℃
  • Heating Method:Infrared Heating by Hot Air
  • Power Supply:AC220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Cold Laminator

  • Type: Manual / Electronic
  • Laminate width: 1.6m
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Speed: 1.4 - 4m/minute
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 30W
  • Net weight: 100KG
  • Size: 1810*365*355mm

Media Slitter

  • Easy Operation and good cut out quality
  • Fasten by air expanding system
  • User-friendly LCD control panel
  • Position of blade can be set manually or automatically
  • Applicable materials: banner / flex / mesh / tarpaulin / reflective sheeting / self-adhesive vinyl / foam adhesive tape / double-sides adhesive tape / application tape / photo paper

SignPro Heat Press Machine

  • Lowest back repair rate all over China
  • Multiple safety inspections apply to SignPro heat press
  • High Quality Intelligent Temperature Controller with Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom shaped press plate makes it easier for installation
  • Thick stainless steel heat plate, more stable structure, more peace of mind, more secure printing
  • New thicker pipe itself becomes less heat during working
  • Haet transfer pad with special design, thickened 0.5 cm more, the force is more uniform
  • Painted base, smooth surface, not easy to rust, long service life