Xaar Proton 382 Printhead image

Highest Print Quality

* 35pl drop size
* 180dpi native resolution
* Consistent drop placement

Increased Productivity

* 9.5kHz firing frequency
* Wide 53.7mm print swathe

Simplest Integration

* Self-initialising on start-up
* Lockable fluid and electrical connections
* On-board waveform and temperature compensation
* Simple pressure prime to fill


Simple to install and easy to integrate are the two key characteristics of the Xaar Proton printhead. Using the same electronics as the Xaar 500 (similar to the Xaar 126 electronics) the Xaar Proton provides existing Xaar customers an easy integration path with minimal product development.


Physical Attributes Xaar Proton
Active nozzles 382
Print swathe width 53.7 mm
Nozzle pitch 141µm
Nozzle density(nozzles per inch) 180 npi
Drop velocity* 5 m/s
Printhead weight(dry) 150 g
Dimensions(W x D x H) 86 x 21 x63.5 mm
Ink type Solvent
Drop volume* 35 pl
Typical firing frequency* 9.5 kHz