Printer Parts for Infinity, Challenger , Phaeton, ZhongYe, GongZheng, Liyu etc.
We supply parts for all Chinese printers. Main Board, Printhead Board

Solvent printer spare parts (Motor Drive Board for Seiko head series) like 3208G, 3206S, 3208H and many other models spare parts…

We supply all kinds spare parts for the outdoor solvent printer, such as Mainboard , SPT 510 Print-head Board ,SPT Interface Board, Ink pump ,Motor, Ink tube , Ink filter, Sub ink tank, Power Convert Board, Power Supply, Raster Encoder, Raster, Gear belt (Y Short Belt), Gear belt (X Short Belt), Media Press Wheel and so on…

if you have any other brand large format solvent printer,such as for infiniti ,gongzheng etc. welcome to ask us for further information.

Main Board, Printhead Firing Board, I/O Board, Printhead, Data Cables, Ink Pump, Ink Filter, Air Filter etc.

We supply parts for almost all Chinese printers. Contact us for more info.