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At present all the eye button on the edge of advertising pictures are all riveted by hand. This has many disadvantages: First one is eye button and cloth can not be connected tightly that is easily broken away from each other: Second, the flinging of the eye button has crevasses that will fray the rope; Third one is the pressing plate easily get rusted. With Rain water flows over the iron rusted plate, the picture will be dirtied. Besides, this handy punched eye button is worded in low speed and heavy labor, which cost both much labor and time, even quality is bad.

Model-ST auto eye button punching machine is a new designed products against above situations, The machine can punch along the cloth freely in fast sped. The eye button punched by this machine is very film and hard to turn. The guiding laser controls the distance between the eye button and ruler. The flinging has no crevasses, which is very beautiful and impossible to fray the rope. The pressing plate is designed by project plastic that could not get rusted or dirt the picture. It is one of the necessary equipments for spray painting industry because of its advantages of labor saving, time saving and good punching quality.

Model ST auto eye button  punching machine is composed of upper-lower auto feeding part, electromagnetic punching part and laser guiding part, etc. It is automatically controlled by microcomputer, which can works in high efficiency that can save much labor. Its measurement is 920H*680L*398W and net weight is 41KG. Four wheels carry the machine that can move by land pusing. It also can be fixed on the worktop if the wheels are removed. Different types of machines could be offered according to different voltages in different countries and areas.

This machine has two sets of keys which have the same function. One set is on the handle. That is for working in moving. The other set is on the body  of microcomputer. It is for working when the machine is fixed on the worktop. Each set has three keys red, green and yellow, in which the green one is for feeding, the red one is for punching and the yellow one is for resetting. When power is on, the guiding laser beam on the front part of the machine will illuminates. Two splitting buckets will run and deliver the fabric to slot then the machine is standing by. When the slot is full of fabric, the buckets will stop to deliver to save electricity.

This machine is an environmental protection, energy saving machine. It works with electromagnetic power to pundh. It only uses electricity within 1% second for each eye button. The left standing by time use electricity less than 3 walt. An ordinary small type punching machine will use hundreds of electricity to maintain the motor continuously work. Comparatively, our machine saves lots of eletricity.

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