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With the RUV-3204, you can easily create vibrant prototypes and short runs on a variety of actual press substrates, in one seamless workflow. Decor wallpaper, Ad banners, Flexible bag media,  Labels. Clear film. CMYK, White, Varnish, Emboss, Crease. All with a single device.

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RUV-3204 Brochure

UV Roll to Roll Printer RUV-3204, Print what the customers love

Ultra Print Quality

Layered / Emboss Effect

This has the impressive affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design. Not only that, the varnish coating adds shining effect to the prints.

Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

Industrial-grade Ricoh GEN5 Printhead

To ensure rich, consistent color at high speed and high resolution, the RUV-3204 features the latest industrial level Ricoh printhead that delivers rich, vibrant, consistent colors during bi-directional printing. It is designed with longevity and robustness in mind and widely used in many latest industrial inkjet printers.

Color Config

CMYK + W + Clear Coat Ink (Varnish)

The RUV-3204 prints flawless graphics and text with vibrant UV inks including CMYK, White and Clear Coat for remarkable special effects ranging from gloss or matte finishes to custom textures and simulated embossing.

Color Config
8 level Gray Output

8 Level Gray Printing

With the new 8-level gray technology, the color contrast parameter now has a much wider range, and the prints look even more vivid than ever.


Energy-saving UV-LED light curving system

The RUV-3204 is equipped with the high quality UV-LED with all advanced features, long lifespan, low heat, instant on-off.

Take Up

Advanced Media Handling

Take Up

With SinoColor advanced movement control system, chromatic banding is virtually eliminated, each pass is uniform allowing for more sellable output in less time.

Ink Alarm

Ink Alarm System

The bulk and waste ink tank are installed with level sensors to alarm ink refill and overflow signal.

Ink Alarm
1280 Nozzles

1280 Nozzles

Each printhead has 1280 nozzles which is far more than that of Epson printhead, thus the print speed and color consistance are greatly increased.

Negative Pressure

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

The negative pressure ink system ensures high stability of ink supply. Operator can easily monitor the system and control negative pressure. The system adjusts the ink pressure automatically, no manually operation is needed. Air pump works only when the air pressure is needed, offers stable air pressure.

Negative Pressure
Auto Height Adjustment

Integrated Tri-Heater System

The SinoColor RUV-3204 integrate the tri-heater system, so that the media becomes more uniform and the ink drys faster. Moreover, the heat controllers have been integrated in one panel to simplify user operation.




Model No. RUV-3204
Printhead Industrial piezoelectric ricoh GEN5 heads (3/4 heads)
Printing Resolution 300dpi 600dpi 900dpi 1200dpi
Ink Droplet Size MIN 7pl
Printing Width 210 to 3200mm
Media Width 210 to 3250mm
Thickness MAX 1mm(0.039in)
Speed High Quality 22 sqm/h (8 pass)
Standard 30 sqm/h (6 pass)
Draft 44 sqm/h (4 pass)
Ink Type LED UV
Color C M Y K / C M Y K + 1W/2W + Varnish
Volume 5L Ink Bottle
Drying Method Double UV LED Light
Connector USB 2.0
Power Requirement AC 110V /220V ± 5%, 16A, 50Hz ± 1
Power Comsuption MAX 3000W
Size & Weight Dimension L4200 W2100 H1400 (mm) / 930 KG
Packing L4300 W2200 H1500 (mm) / 1080 KG