Large-Format UV Hybrid Printer

HUV-1600 Hybrid

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The HUV-1600 represents the height of print innovation by offering both flatbed and roll-fed printing in a single device. Printing CMYK, White and Clear Coat inks on virtually any substrate up to 8 cm thick, the HUV-1600 is capable of producing a massive range of large-format graphics.

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Amazing Advantages of HUV-1600

Movable Printing Platform

For high-efficiency printing jobs regardless of standard or nonstandard, batch or single unit.

Roll Material System

Designed roll to roll material, automatically
media feeding and taking up.

White Ink Stirring

Effectively prevent white ink plugging.

Integrated Control Panel

Control the whole printer in one place, easy and efficient operation.

Cold light UV LED

Curing with tiny temperature variation
ensures high printing quality.

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  • Professional solutions makes bright color expression.

  • White Ink Recycle patent enables stable printing white color.

  • Cold light LED curing with tiny temperature variation ensures high printing quality.

  • Combined belt & flatbed media feeding system is competent to print both roll and flat media.

  • Adjustable head height, laser positioning system and movable printing platform result in high-efficiency printing jobs regardless of standard or nonstandard, batch or single unit.

  • Folding support frame saves space and cost as well.

  • Stable printing technology and ink supply system saves maintenance cost also.


More Features in Ad and Sign Industry

  • Directly printing on flat substrates avoids blistering, degumming, shrink and bleeding problems in the out of date paste technology.
    Media: KT board, PVC board, Acrylic Board, Plank and etc.

  • Innovative and extensive applications in decoration media makes cultural and decorative advertisement.
    Media: Leather, Cotton/Linen, Wallpaper, Fireproof Plate, Aluminum-plastic Panel, Plank, Mable, Glass, Tile and etc.

  • Stable white ink solution enables bright printing on dark & transparent media.
    Media: Black Aluminum-plastic Panel, Transparent Acrylic, Glass, PET, PVC and etc.

  • Fast ink curing technology ensures quality performance of high saturability.
    Media: Inner Lamp Cloth, PVC, Mantle and etc.

  • Better weather fastness.

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Model No.HUV-1600 HYBRID
PrintheadDouble Epson DX5
Printing Width1600mm Max
Printing Resolution360x720dpi 720x720dpi 720x1080dpi 720x1440dpi
Printing TechnologyPiezoelectric inkjet
Printing ModeUni-direction or Bi-direction
Ink TypeUV Curing Ink (without VOC)
Ink ColorCMYK / CMYK + W
Ink Supply SystemContinuous Supply System
SpeedStandard Mode14 sqm/h (6 pass)
Quality Mode10 sqm/h (8 pass)
Photo Mode7 sqm/h (12 pass)
Media TypeGlass, Metal, Ceramic Tile, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Wood, Plaetic, Aluminum, Fabric, Canvas, Leather, Polystyrene, Cardboard, Foam Board, Composited Panel, Plywood, Textile, Carpet, Vinyl, Paper,PVC, MDF, WPC, ABS, PP Sheet …
Media Thickness0-80mm(±0.5mm)
Media Absorption SystemIntelligently Independent Suction System With Adjustable Power, Suitable For
Various Size
Drying SystemLED UV Lamps With Cold Light Source
Position SystemHigh-precision Encoder Strip
Transmission SystemUSB
Operation SystemWindows XP/7
InterfaceHI-USB 2.0
RIP SoftwarePhotoPrint / Maintop
EnvironmentTemperature:18-26(64.4-78.8F); Humidity: 30-75% RH
Power SupplyAC 200V,50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionPrinting Mode: 2000W; Sleep Mode: 600W
Size & WeightMachineL3000 W1800 H1260 (mm) / 650 KG
PackingL3100 W1850 H1310 (mm) / 850 KG
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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