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The FB-2513R offers uncomparable print capabilities, permitting you to explore a new world of merchandise and applications, including heavy, rigid materials up to four inches thick. It is designed to print higher gradient color in sign and decoration industry, makes background wall of more visual impact, and gain more impressive layering with bump impact.

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FB-2513R Brochure

FB-2513R & FB-2030R, Outstanding & Affordable UV Flatbed Printer

UV Flatbed Carriage

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

The negative pressure ink system ensures high stability of ink supply. Operator can easily monitor the system and control negative pressure. The system adjusts the ink pressure automatically, no manually operation is needed. Air pump works only when the air pressure is needed, offers stable air pressure. Additionally, the bulk and waste ink tank are installed with level sensors to alarm ink refill and overflow signal.

Panasonic Servo Motor

Panasonic Servo Motors

The Panasonic Servo Motor has been designed to offer complete resistance to sounds and vibrations that affect the performance of printer. The analog system of the motor is one more advantage for the users. Each section of the motor is carefully inspected for any kind of defects by the standard control team of Panasonic. Thus, guaranteeing the best performances at all times. Panasonic has been a trusty name within the field of electronics.

Panasonic Servo Motor
Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

Industrial-grade Rocoh GEN5 Printhead

The Ricoh printhead is very robust and particularly developed for high end industrial printing. Especially the new Ricoh gen. 5 print head, used on the FB-2513R, is a huge step forward in print quality and printing speed. It is designed with longevity and robustness in mind and widely used in many latest industrial inkjet printers.

High Precision Platform

Ultra-fine Level Printing Platform

The platform is optimized with stainless steel honeycomb structure. It is designed to be the most robust platform that ensures consistent print quality.

User Friendly
Auto Height Adjustment

Adjustable Printhead Height

The head height is adjustable, depending on the media thickness. (distance from the board surface to the head nozzle surface.) Too much gap between the media and the head nozzle surface may cause ink droplets to splash, and thus the image quality cannot be guaranteed. In FB-2513R, you can simply adjust the head height with one button.

Dual Rail

Dual Linear Guide Rail

Include two rails in parallel, helps ensure even loading on all of the bearings, and reduces cogging, or uneven drive forces on each rail and bearing set. This arrangement also makes it relatively compact given the high load and moment capacity provided by the dual guide rails.

Dual Rail
X-Rite i1

i1 Basic Pro2 Suit Optional

i1 Basic Pro 2 is industry standard of an affordable, professional-level color measurement solution for print quality assurance. It is compatible with PhotoPrint SinoColor Edition Rip Software to create precise icc profiles for your own media and ink.

Intelligent Printhead Temperature Control System

Temperature control system can maintain ink temperature within a predetermined, acceptable range of temperatures in the immediate environment of the printhead.

Energy-saving UV-LED light curving system

The FB-2513R is equipped with the high quality LED-UV with all advanced features, long lifespan, low heat, instant on-off.




Model No. FB-2513R FB-2030R
Printing Dimension 2500mm x 1300mm 2000mm x 3000mm
Printhead RICOH – Gen5/7PL(3/4 heads)
Printhead Height Adjustable 0-80mm
Printing Resolution 300x360dpi 360x720dpi 720x720dpi 720x1080dpi 720x1440dpi 1080x1440dpi
Speed Draft 42 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Standard 32 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Quality 26 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Photo 18 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Ink UV/ECO Ink
Ink Color C M Y K Lc Lm W Vanish(8 Color) 167 Million Colors
Image Format JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, EPS and etc
RIP Software Main top/Photo PRINT/Wasstch Intertional Standard ICC Configuration
Curving Mode LED-UV Light/Power Consumption 400W, Fast Dry
Power Input AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Printing Mode ≈ 3500W, Sleep Mode ≈ 600W
Printer Size L4200 W2100 H1400 (mm) L3500 W3900 H1400 (mm)
Printer Weight 900 KG 1350 KG