A3 UV Flatbed Printer


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Wide media compatibility due to the LED UV module power level adjustment

Extended printhead life time with full-automatic cleaning system

Optimal cost saving due to the continuous ink supply system and easy maintenance

Precision printing due to the screw transmission system

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UV-300 Brochure

UV Flatbed Printer UV-300

Meet the DX8 Printhead

The Epson DX8 is the most cost-performance printhead we have ever met , well designed inner structure perfect fit with UV printing. 1.5 pl ink nozzle assure a fantastic print out resolution. 6 inkjet channel offer flexible color combination choices, you can choose 4 color, 5 color or 6 color to achieve different printing effect. What is more important, the printhead cost is really economical which will greatly reduce the machine maintenance cost.

UV Flatbed Carriage

What makes UV-300 unique, it is not a simply converted printer. Adopt original Epson P400/P408 printer, for high precision and speed. While the remaining parts are all customized, in order to enhance the stability effectively.

UV curing technology, and with imported high-quality water-cooled UV LED curing light source to ensure high luminous efficiency, 3D relief effect, and immediately dry, with excellent curing effect.

Panasonic Servo Motor
UV Flatbed Carriage

White ink dual-cycle device to prevent white ink from clogging on the head, damer, tube, and ink bottle. The ink cartridge adopts pressure type ink supply, excellent ink flow, reliable and durable.

Built-in linear guide rail to ensure high-precision printing and effectively prevent carriage from slow down in long-running process.

Panasonic Servo Motor
UV Flatbed Carriage

Integral aluminum alloy platform, higher precision, and can print heavy objects, and easy to clean.

Low noise, light weight, little wear on the machine during printing, guaranteeing long motor life.

Default print software not only has excellent print quality, but also save time.

Print white and other colors simultaneously.

Compatible with Korean RIP software.

Panasonic Servo Motor


Detachable and Reusable

Other customized wooden packing optional

UV Flatbed Carriage

Standard Configuration

Maybe We are not the best, but we will give our best.

01 Printer

02 Printer Drive Software and Manual

03 Power Cable 1.8m

04 Print Software USB Key

05 USB Cable 1pc

06 Spare Ink Damper 2pcs

07 Injectors

Pre-coating Introduction

Metallic Coating

Printable Directly

Glass/Tiles Coating

Part A and B are Formulated in a 1:1 Ratio

Acrylic Coating

Printable Directly

Head Clean Liquid

Cleaning Nozzle




Model No. UV-300C
Print Head Epson DX8
Print Resolution 720 x 1440 dpi
Printing Speed 2 min 40 sec for full size MAX
Print Head Adjustable Height 15 cm MAX
Printing Size 30 x 50 cm MAX
Print Direction Intelligence double sided
Print Method Eight color on-demand inkjet (micro piezo print technology, intelligence drops transformation technology)
Height Adjust Electric
Distance of Print Head Printing 1-3 mm (1 mm is the best)
Ink Color 4/ 5/ 6 Color (CMYK or CMYK +W or CMYK LC LM)
Ink Supply System CISS
Ink Consumption 15-20 ml / squre meter
Ink Cartridge Type refillable
Min Ink Drop Size  1.5 PL
Interface USB 2.0
Rip Software

Maintop/ Photoprint /Onyx
Normal Working Environment Temperature 18-30 Celsius, Humidity 30-70 RH, Clean room, Low dust, Less sun light
Power AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Size L770 W640 H460 mm(machine)  L890 W750 H550 mm(Packing)
Weight  65KG(machine)  75 KG(Packing)