Direct Textile Printer

FP-740 / FP-1260

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The direct textile printer FP-740 / FP-1260 prints directly on textile fabric, mostly on polyester textile. Unlike the traditional print and transfer process, the new direct textile printer saves a lot time and labor cost. Now in China, most of the textile printing company are using direct textile printer, and FP-740 / FP-1260, is no doubt the leading one.

♦ Comparison Between Direct-to-Textile and Heat Transfer Printing

♦ The Benefit of Digital Fabric Printing

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FP-740 Brochure

Direct Textile Printer FP-740 / FP-1260 Features

Epson PrecisionCore 4S 5113 Printhead

20%+ Energy Saving with Sealed Heating Oven

Epson PrecisionCore 4S 5113 Printhead

Integrated Oven with Ventilator Saves Space

Epson PrecisionCore 4S 5113 Printhead

Heating Cutter Knife (Optional)

Epson PrecisionCore 4S 5113 Printhead

Exciting Epson PrecisionCore Technology

As Epson offcially said, the PrecisionCore even leaves laser printing in the dark. SinoColor has successfully and proudly adapted the latest exciting PrecisionCore technology from Epson. With Epson 5113 (4s) printhead, the printer perforamce has once again jumped to a new level.

Direct Flag Printing

The Story of DX8

In the past years, we have received so many voices from customers complaining about the maintenance cost of the printhead. Each printhead cost around 1,200 usd, that is really too much. Customers need a solution of inexpensive printhead, yet it should be good enough.
After we tested more than 10 kinds of printheads, the DX8 wins out. It is durable, fast, high resolution, and fit for different types of popular ink. What’s more, it is very cost-effective.

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Direct Flag Printing

Integrated Color Fixation Unit

Integrated Color Fixation Unit

Color fixation unit heats the media immediately after printing, so that the expected color show up on the textile. The ventilation unit is also integrated inside the machine in order to save space.

36 sqm / hour Draft
28 sqm / hour Standard
21 sqm / hour Quality
15 sqm / hour Photo

Unsurpassed Print Speed in Textile Printers

Compared to previous model, the Pro model has 50% increased in speed. That means a lot of savings for a print company that requires multiple textile printers.

Direct Flag Printing

Made for Flags and Other Polyester Media

Flags printing has a huge demond in world’s market. It contains like ad flag banners, company flags, country flags, beach flags, street flags, hand-wave flags … 95% of these flags are made of polyester, which is the best media to print with FP-740 / FP-1260.

Direct Flag Printing
Media Handling

Advanced Media Handling

Feeding, heating and taking up of textile printer are more complicated than a normal large format inkjet printer. With SinoColor advanced media handling, the media movement is uniform and accurate for long time unattended printing.




Model NO. FP-740 FP-740C FP-1260 FP-1260C
Printhead Type Dual Epson 5113

(DX5 optional)

Dual Epson DX8 Dual Epson 5113

(DX5 optional)

Dual Epson DX8
Nozzles 1440 Nozzles per Head
Height 2-8mm Above Media Adjustable
Max Printing Width 74 Inch (1.8 meter) 126 Inch (3.2 meter)
Resolution (dpi) 1440 dpi
Color 4 Color / 8 Color
Media Types Polyester, Chemical Fiber, Urethane Elastic Fibre, 35% Cotton, Heat Transfer Paper, PP Paper, Photo Paper, Lamination Film, PET Film …
Ink Type Water-based Ink, Sublimation Ink
Droplet 1.5 – 21pl Variable
Cartridge 8 x 350ml Continuous Ink Supply
Speed Draft 36 sqm/h 54 sqm/h 42 sqm/h 60 sqm/h
Standard 28 sqm/h 40 sqm/h 32 sqm/h 42 sqm/h
Quality 21 sqm/h 26 sqm/h 24 sqm/h 30 sqm/h
Photo 15 sqm/h 18 sqm/h 18 sqm/h 24 sqm/h
Feeding & Take-up Automatic Media Feeding (Standard) & Take-up System (Optional)
Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Heating System Pre/Post Heater Equipped
Cooling System Cooling Fan Equipped
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software UltraPrint, PhotoPrint, Maintop
Control Software SinoColor Print Console
Interface USB 3.0
Operation System Windows 7 / XP
Power AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2000W
Size & Weight Machine L2960mm W800mm H1270mm / 300KG L4360mm W800mm H1270mm / 530KG
Packing L3060mm W900mm H700mm / 420KG L4460mm W800mm H1270mm / 680KG