A3 DTG Printer (T-shirt Printer)


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Direct to Garment (DTG) T-Shirt printing or digital T-Shirt printing is the process of printing full-colour images onto garments. DTG can be used on light or dark colored garments. Using the latest printing technology and top quality DTG machines, we  can print full-colour images onto a wide range of T-Shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing.

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SinoColor DTG-Printer-TP-300 brochure

Digital Direct to Garment Printer

White ink double circulation system

The machine has a built-in white ink double circulation device, which effectively protects the nozzle and avoids the blockage.

Converted from Original Epson

Better than a simple conversion. It is built with a lot customized parts to maximum the reliability.

Panasonic Servo Motor
UV Flatbed Carriage

Ink Configuration

8 color : C+M+Y+K+WWWW

Panasonic Servo Motor

Firmed & Thick flatbed 

Firmed and Thick flatbed ,can print heavy material.

UV Flatbed Carriage

High strength body

1.2 mm cold-roll steel sheets, reinforce machines intention, more stable and durable.

UV Flatbed Carriage


4 pillar screw adjustment for up and down to make sure platform steady and precise print when adjust.

UV Flatbed Carriage

Standard Configuration

Maybe We are not the best, but we will give our best.

01 Printer

02 Printer Drive Software and Manual

03 Power Cable 1.8m

04 Print Software USB Key

05 USB Cable 1pc

06 Spare Ink Sac 2pcs

07 Injectors


Wrapped with film

special hard polyfoam

wooden packing

Textile Ink Introduction

Textile ink don’t ship with printer, need buy it separately.


  • The ink is suitable for a variety of textile materials printing.

  • It is made with nanometer pigment, not easy to plug the printhead.

  • Washing fastness is reach 4 degree standard as country need.

  • The ink is from american, made by Dopont, the quality is very good, white ink is very white after printing on dark materials.

  • Short fiber fabric can be directly spray print, filament fabric need pre-coating.

  • Sunlight fastness: 5-6

  • Dry rubbing fastness: 3-4

  • Wet rubbing fastness: 2-3

  • 60 ℃ washing fastness: 4-5

PS: do not contain prohibited pigment of textiles
Better color fixing fastness after drying, also can increase one level grade of fastness can on the basis of original


  • Because white ink contains titanium dioxide ,can’t insoluble in water, so after place a period of time will subside slowly , therefore,need highly maintenance .Try to  shaking ink ,do once print command,print a picture or a test page every day. If don’t use ink, should be kept in an airtight, avoid light, 5-25 degrees Celsius environment preservation.

  • In view of the particularity of white ink, we suggest the new user, initially only use color ink to print, until upgrade good skilled,then use white ink to print again, so that can reduce a lot of trouble.Use color ink to print the white or  light color material, low production cost, less maintenance costs.

Pre-coating Introduction

White T-shirt

colored pre-coating

Black T-shirt

white pre-coating

Deep Color T-shirt

white pre-coating

Head Clean Liquid

Cleaning Nozzle




Model No. TP-300
Print Head Epson DX7
Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Printing Speed 50 sec for full size MAX
Print Head Adjustable Height 8.5 cm MAX
Printing Size 30 x 40 cm MAX
Print Direction Intelligence double sided
Print Method Eight color on-demand inkjet (micro piezo print technology, intelligence drops transformation technology)
Height Adjust Electric
Distance of Print Head Printing 1-3 mm (1 mm is the best)
Ink Color 8 Color (CMYK + 4W)
Ink Supply System CISS
Ink Consumption 15-20 ml / squre meter
Ink Cartridge Type Split type
Min Ink Drop Size  < 1.5 PL
Interface USB 2.0
Rip Software Korean AcroRIP Software
Normal Working Environment Temperature 18-30 Celsius, Humidity 30-70 RH, Clean room, Low dust, Less sun light
Power AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Size L770 W640 H460 mm(machine)  L890 W750 H550 mm(Packing)
Weight 58 KG(machine)  65 KG(Packing)