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What’s the difference between Ricoh and Epson printhead for UV Printers?

Ricoh Printhead


1. Hardly get clogged. It is a remarkable feature that the other printheads haven’t achieve.

2. Industry-grade. Due to its constant temperature and circuit insulation system, Ricoh head printer can work in high load mode without having any issue.

3. Service life can reach up to five years if under good maintenance. Corrosion resistant.

4. Applicable to a variety of ink.


1. Higher price for printers equipped with Ricoh printhead, and expensive price for Ricoh printhead itself.

Epson Printhead (DX5/DX7/DX8)


1. Much better price for printers equipped Epson printhead. It’s a good news for starters who can’t afford an expensive equipment at the very beginning. An inexpensive printer effectively reduces the production cost.

2. Cheap printhead cost. The latest Epson DX8 printhead can be as low as USD300 per piece. No more heartache when replacing a new printhead.

3. Highest resolution among all the major printheads in LFP market.


1. Low print speed. Normally, high resolution result in low speed.

2. Short printhead life span. It can generally be used for around 1 year, and sometimes shorter due to bad maintenance or low quality inks.

SinoColor UV printers have options for Ricoh and Epson. Contact our sales expert for details.