The Benefit of Digital Fabric Printing

||The Benefit of Digital Fabric Printing

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The Benefit of Digital Fabric Printing

Digital Fabric Printing undoubtedly represents the future of fashion. It offers a tool for brand-owners or designers to research and explore, while permitting them to discover more creative collections faster and more efficient than before. Using digital fabric printer from SinoColor, fashion designers can work to create trends instead of chasing them.

1. Remarkable Printing Quality

Printing fabrics digitally has achieved a huge breakthrough on print clarity and color saturation. Combined with countless color choices and design versatility, the final result will beyond your imagination. That’s why the world’s wonderful fashion brands will only use digital printing to replace traditional fabric printing methods.

2. Quicker Turnaround

It could take you 8 weeks to see the result when you choose a unique design printed on fabric, if unsatisfied, the cycle begins all over again. This is not only one kind of time wasting, but limits the creativity of fashion designer. However, digital printing changes everything. Mostly a Digital Fabric Printer can print your designs on the very same material you typically screen print to, but deliver in as little as seven days. Just imagine, how many things you can do with so much saved time!

3. Unlimited Design

Digital printing can overcome the constraints of traditional printing, making a painting, or drawing becomes a part of fabric design. In this way, design versatility is performed. Combine conventional patterns with actual photography. merge solid colors, patterns, and mix using as many colors you want. As long as you could design in a computer, you can print onto fabrics, providing large convenience for fashion designers.

4. Print on Nearly Any Fabric Type

SinoColor has a Digital Fabric Printing solution for nearly any textile types. From polyesters and natural cellulose fibers like cotton, natural or synthetic fibers like silk, wool and nylon. In spite of the fabric kind you’re looking to produce, SinoColor ensure your creative vision and satisfy your expectation.

5. Environment Friendly

Compared with traditional printing methods, printing digitally reduces the consumption of both water and electricity. Data show that digital fabric printing can decrease water use by up to 90% and electrical usage by up to 30%.

6. Cost Effective

With digital fabric printing, you simply print the amount of fabric you wish – nothing more. So, no need to buy large amounts of fabric you’ll never use as a result of minimum buys. Compared with traditional methods of fabric printing, digital fabric printing eliminates many expensive setup fees. And, when you think about the quicker turnaround time effect to your business, the numbers look even smarter.

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