Project Description

Marble Printing

Marble has been used since ancient times in sculpture and as a decorative construction material. It has been a symbol of beauty in the grand buildings built by emperors. Marble is used in both internal and external applications, and is available in several colors and shapes.

Marble has numerous applications for structural and decorative purposes. It is utilized for outdoor sculpture, external walls, floor covering, decoration, stairs, and pavements. The technique of stone usage can influence the exposure severity. Marble is considered the stone for the emperors and gods. The majority of prehistoric monuments were made of marble. Marble has decorated the corridors of cathedrals and historical places. Marble tiles cover the floors of the affluent and also beautifies the baths of more moderate homeowners. These tiles are either polished or honed. Polished tiles provide a stylish appearance, though are extremely slippery when wet. Honed tiles offer more grip and are considered safe. Use of several treatments can slow the marble deterioration process. Marble is vulnerable to etching and staining by water and chemicals, for which appropriate advanced sealants have been developed to reduce this risk considerably.

Our UV LED flatbed printers have perfect printing effect on the marble materials. We have different size of printers to print different size of marble


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