Project Description

How to unclog a printhead ? (1)

With the popular use of large format digital printers, there is a big problem. That is printhead blocked, which will largely influence production effciency, means decreasing profits in other words. Daily maintenance towards printhead will effectively reduce the risk of head clogged, which also necessary for long-time print runs.

The below is some methods:

The next steps after finish installing printers & initial maintenance towards printhead.

1. To keep printhead in optimal working condition, please use 1 or 2 days to print more images with CMYK 4 colors as much as possible before normal use. At the same time, add CMYK four color bars on both sides of printing image, ensuring the printhead is always in inkjet status.

2. When printing, it is best to remove the moisturizing sponge from the right end of the capping station along with its bracket.

How to do daily maintenance after printing?

In order to keep printhead in optimal working condition as well as avoid clogging the printhead due to solvent ink volatilization, please do the following to leave printers overnight.

1. Keep power off.

2. First clean the moisturizing sponge with cleaning liquid, then pour the cleaning liquid to moisturize sponge.

3. Move the printhead to the right end of capping station, and fit the nozzels together with sponge closely.

4. Keep the status all night.

Level 1: Slightly block.

1. Don’t hesitate to press “PAUSE” button to stop printing when there is slightly block with printhead. Then pump ink out of nozzels or clean nozzels with vacuum cleaner or an air pump operated by hand. Finally wipe the ink from the printhead surface with cleaning liquid.

PS: Avoid putting more pressure when using manual air pump, otherwise the printhead will be destroyed.

2. Timely as well as thoroughly dealing with slightly blocked printhead is pretty important for long time print runs. Keeping printhead in best working condition, thus stable and consistent printing images guaranteed.

3. In addition, it is also important to check the printhead condition and find out the reason why nozzles is blocked.


Level 2: Frequently printhead blocked.

1. Firstly press “PAUSE” button to stop printing, and then press “PURGE” button move printhead to the leftmost cleaning position.

2. Keep the power on, remove all signal lines of liquid level sensor connected to the head control panel.

3. Remove the ink delivery tubes( from the cartridge), next use glass syringe to pump specific cleaning liquid to clean printhead. Method: 40ml cleaning liquid for once, and every 10 mins for once, the total is 3~4 times.

4. Reconnect ink delivery tubes with liquid level sensor signal lines after cleaning, and continue previously paused printing job.