Project Description

 Eco solvent printer: Common Failures and Solutions 

Usually there are one or another trouble occurring during the use of Eco solvent printer. What are those problems and how to solve is no doubt the key parts for users to know.

 1. Ink Starvation and Broken Lines Existed in Printing

Several reasons about this situation:

  • First, there is no ink in cartriage, just add ink to ensure normal use.

  • Second, printhead get clogged during working process. Automatically cleaning system can deal with slight clogging. However, when heavy clogging appears, the printhead need to remove and clean with cleaning liquid.

  • Third, other segments of ink supply system get blocked, like ink tubes. Clean or replace blocked parts is also available.

2. The Printing Image is Skewed

Users have to lay media flat, or the image will be skewed. In addition, there is something wrong with tension, which is controlled by step motor of taking up system, may also cause results skewed.

3. Image Ghosting and Misplace

There are two normal reasons of image ghosting and misplace.

  • One is dirt existed in raster, so that the carriage can’t recognize correct position, thus things go wrong, image ghosting and misplace appears. The valid solution is to clean or replace raster.

  • The other is unsmooth movement of carriage, dirty guide rails, or foreign objects existed in spare parts. Therefore, carriage will pause or spary ink freely during the movement. We suggest to clean or replace faulty parts.