Belt Fabric Printer BFP-740 image Belt Fabric Printer BFP-740 image

For the traditional screen printing, complicate pre-treating and after-treating are required. While with the belt fabric printer, which can work with disperse ink, pigment ink, acid ink and reactive ink, then print directly onto fabric easily. Especially for pigment ink, need only three steps: Printing, and heat fixation only. This digital printing make customize or DIY printing to be possible. And the belt type media feeding system, enable the printing of textile with different elasticity. Achieve maximum business potential. 

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Epson Official Supplied i3200 Heads

Equipped with 2 or 4 pcs Epson official supplied i3200 printheads. High productivity choice

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Anti-collision System

Printer will automatically stop when the printhead carriage hit any unexpected object during working, and system memory function support continuing printing from the interruption part, reduce the material waste.

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Dual Guide Rail

Dual guide rail configuration, guarantee the stability of long time running.

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Well-designed Deviation Correcting System

Automatically adjust the possible error of moving direction and tightness after long-term running


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Elaborate Processing Component

Elaborate Processing of Printer Carriage Component,Guarantee the high precision output.

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High Grade Material Made Belt

Effectively protect the fabric.

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Tension Media Feeding And Take-up System

Apply to material with different elasticity

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Standard Belt Cleaning System

The water jet and brush roller are equipped to guarantee the cleaning of the belt

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Super Wide Heating Device

Guarantee the drying of ink on fast speed printing mode. Get ready for after-treatment

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Modular Printhead Connecting Component

Modular component design for the connection of printhead and ink supply system, makes the printhead installation, cleaning and replacing to be quite convenient.

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Germany Igus Drag Chain

High Grade Two-layer Germany Igus Drag Chain. Effectively protect ink tube and cables.

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Heavy Duty Roller

Heavy duty material roller, load-bearing can reach maximum 180KG. And it can adapt to different diameter material by adjusting the air pressure inside the roller.


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Model NO. BFP-740



Type 2 x Epson i3200 4 x Epson i3200
Nozzles 3200 Nozzles Per Head
Max Material Thickness 3cm
Max Printing Width 1.8m (2.5m &3.2m available)
Resolution (dpi) 2400 dpi
Media Types Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Polyamide, Silk, Wool



Type Disperse/ Pigment/ Acid/ Reactive Ink
Color C M Y K / C M Y K White
Droplet 1.5 – 21pl Variable



Draft 64 sqm/h 120 sqm/h
Production 32 sqm/h 60 sqm/h
High Quality 21 sqm/h 40 sqm/h
Feeding & Take-up Automatic Tension Type Media Feeding & Take-up System (Standard)
Head Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Belt Cleaning System Auto Water Jet and Brush Roller
Heating System IR Heater & Front Ultra-wide Heating Device
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software Maintop (Standard),  FlexiPrint (Optional)
Control Software SinoColor Print Console
Interface USB 3.0
Operation System Windows 7 / XP/ 10
Power AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2000W